Baking With Heart
For More Than 20 Years

For over 25 years, California Lavash has thrived on the intersection of family and innovation.

Our head baker used his grandmother’s lavash recipe as inspiration to invent. In his family’s garage, he developed a machine automating the production of a bread manually created for centuries — ushering ancestral flatbread from his past into an American frontier.

He oversaw baking alongside his wife, with both working tirelessly to bake and deliver bread while raising their three children. It was a true family operation with sisters conducting design work, cousins calling on customers and kids helping file and enter invoices during summer vacation.

Today, we are proud to share our wide assortment of authentic lavash, naan, and pita with thousands of grocery stores, delis, school districts, and restaurants across the United States who have fallen in love with our flatbread.

The story of California Lavash continues to be written with pages of the past supporting its continuous innovation.

We invite you to open a bag of our history — and fuel your future.