Our Passion


We don’t allow anything artificial in our bread-ever. That means you’ll never find any of these things in our bread: artificial preservatives, chemicals, dough conditioners, or gums. We’re Non-GMO Project Verified, and because we’re a vegan outfit, you won’t find any animal byproducts in our bread.

We’ve chosen material for our packaging inserts that is recyclable. We also work hard to shrink our waste and recycle whenever possible at our plant. In fact, we won the City of Gilroy’s Recycling Award for our waste-reduction efforts.



We believe in building deep connections to our community. We partner with healthy school lunch advocates to help make sure kids have access to good, real food in their schools. Every bake day, we bag and deliver bread to local organizations who feed the hungry, and each week neighboring farmers stop by to pick up our not-quite-perfect products to take back to the farm and make their livestock happy.